Benefits of Your CUMONEY® Visa® Everyday Spend Card

CUMONEY® Everyday Spend Key Member Benefits

  • Worldwide acceptance
    • CUMONEY can be used to make purchases anywhere a VISA debit card is accepted, including Hotels, Rental Car, Gas Pumps, Restaurants & ATMS, Online Purchases
  • ATM and PIN Point of Sale merchant access through Pulse and Plus
  • CO-OP Surcharge Free Network Participant
  • Multiple Use, Reloadable
  • If lost or stolen, Visa’s Zero Liability coverage will apply
  • Multiple card designs to express your personality
  • FREE text & email messages
  • FREE website
  • FREE Mobile App
  • FREE Bill Pay: Pay your bills with your Everyday Spend card from a computer without writing checks or buying money orders!  Visit, you determine whom to pay, how much and when, all from the available funds on your Everyday Spend card.
  • Auto Funding Feature: Use your card as a budgeting tool and set-up direct deposit.  See your credit union for auto-funding instructions.